Posted by: successforrealpeople | October 7, 2008

Obstacles: The Catalyst to Success

“It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.”  ~ Zig Ziglar

We all experience tough times, disappointments, and setbacks.  That’s part of life.  It’s how you handle those situations though that determines the outcome.  I’ve come to learn that most of the difficult situations that I encounter are actually catalysts to better things in my life when viewed as stepping-stones rather than brick walls.

For me personally, setbacks tend to motivate me.  This is what the scenario typically looks like.  I have a goal that I’m working towards and I run into some obstacle.  My initial reaction is “Why is this happening to me???” and then the little voice inside my head says “To motivate you” (which is the case 99% of the time).  And that’s when I get tough with myself, pull up the old boot straps and with burning determination, push right through that obstacle.  Some of the toughest times in my life have led to my greatest joys.

If you are faced with a challenge today, see it as an opportunity to grow.  Confidence and courage are developed from taking on challenges.   Remember it’s not the obstacle itself that determines the outcome, it’s how you handle it.

Wishing you much happiness and success!


  1. Thanks for this blog. I am just starting my day and really really needed to hear this. I have to get it into gear! Good day.

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