Posted by: successforrealpeople | October 3, 2008

A Recipe for Manifesting

“Everything depends upon execution; having just a vision is no solution.”  ~ Stephen Sondheim

I sometimes worry that with the popularity of The Secret some people have mistakenly believed that all there is to being successful is intention of thoughts.  While that is a necessary part of the equation, it isn’t always the whole picture.  How many of you have read or watched The Secret and started affirming what you want only to learn that it didn’t work for you?  Positive thinking and affirmation are a way of conditioning yourself to accept better things into you life and they help to draw those things to you.  But in most cases, some action is required.  If positive thinking and affirming has not caused your dream to manifest, there’s a good chance that some action is necessary.

Manifesting begins first with eliminating any negative thoughts you may have and then replacing them with positive ones.  Let’s say you want a better job.  You get rid of the old ideas that you aren’t smart enough, you don’t know the right people, or that all the good job are taken.  You replace those thoughts with new ones; I deserve a great job, I have the right abilities and talents to have the perfect job for me, my dream job is on it’s way to me now.  Great!  But guess what?  You don’t stop there!  Take some action now. Tell people that you’re looking for a new job.  Read the help wanted section of the paper.  Send out copies of your resume to perspective employers (so what if they’re not hiring.  How else are they going to know about you?)

This is the strategy that I have used for manifesting with positive results:

  • Identify and eliminate negative thoughts
  • Replace those old thoughts with positive ones
  • Write a goal for what I want to manifest
  • Take some action every day until I reach that goal

I have been able to manifest some things without taking any action at all.  I am able to manifest parking spaces, green lights, light traffic, ect without doing anything other than concentrating my thoughts on what it is I want and KNOWING that it is happening for me.  But there have also been times when I have had to take action to make things manifest.  When I decided I wanted to write, I identified any thoughts that could prevent me from doing it, traded them in for positive ones, wrote down my goal and then began to search the internet for opportunities.  Three months after signing up at Elance, a gentleman contacted me to write for him.  In this case some action was needed.  I had to get my self out there for him to find me.

Be careful that you don’t subscribe to the wishful thinking club.  If you’ve taken the first two steps mention above and you have not been able to manifest your desire or dream, see if there is an action you should take.  If your affirmations and positive thinking don’t produce results, be prepared to take action.

Wishing you much happiness and success!

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