Posted by: successforrealpeople | May 28, 2008

Success Tip #1

Success Tip #1: Write Your Goals Down

If you are like most people, you do not have your goals written down.  The purpose of writing down your goals is to help you clarify what it is that you really want and to provide you with a road map for getting there.  Lee Iacocca said “The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.”  Your written goals need not be as complicated as a business plan but it should include several components:

  • The long-term goal: I will run a 5k race.
  • A target date: By August 2009
  • Steps towards reaching the goal: 1. Run 3 times per week, 2. Increase distance 1/4 mile every two weeks, 3. weight train 2 times per week

It is also important that refer to you goals regularly to make sure that you are on track and progressing. Writing your goals down can mean the difference between being successful or falling short of your goals.

“The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.”  Gene Donohue


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan in place. I am getting back into running as well.

    I like to run to keep in shape. Are you incorporating a speed goal as well? I would be interested in hearing. I tend to just go at the same pace but increase distance.

    Have any suggestions?

    Mark Parbus

  2. Mark I have to confess that I made an error in my post. The goal that I listed was just an example but I neglected to state that. My apologies to you and my other readers. A lesson learned in blogging 🙂

    To stay in shape, my girlfriend and I are currently walking 4 miles on the railtrail a few times a week. Our goal is to increase that distance as we are able too. I kayak and hike for exercise as well. I believe it’s important to keep active and fit as we get older. There’s lots more life to be lived and I want to be healthy enough to participate in it!

  3. I would be interested in your opinion of the effect of working with people who have a negative view of life on one’s transition through midlife.

  4. That’s a tough one. Unfortunately, we can’t always choose who we work with. But if I were in a situation like that I would distance myself as best I could without being rude after sharing my philosophy on transitioning during midlife. I believe that negativity breeds negativity, therefore I feel it’s important to surround yourself with positive thinking people.

    It’s unfortunate that some people feel that midlife is the beginning of the end. I happen to see it as an opportunity to reinvent myself. My confidence level is higher than it’s ever been and I feel completely empowered to do or be anything that I choose. Getting older is not something to dread or fear, but rather a time to rejoice.

    I have started a new blog at which is geared towards the changes and experiences we encounter during the second half of life. You might enjoy that website as well.

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